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Events In Sydney

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This is the Livejournal version of the Yahoogroups mailing list 'Events In Sydney'. Listings from that mailing list (sent out once-twice weekly) will be duplicated onto this list and daily updates will be posted. If there are any events in Sydney, Australia, which would like to be listed on the updates, please feel free to post them.

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Note: LJ-CUTS are preferred for large graphics (though average sized ones can be posted without the cut. Links are preferred for location information such as official sites, venues, etc...

Legal Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this Journal are not meant to represent official policy, or statements, of the organisers of the events listed (unless they post them or are so noted). Information obtained from official notifications, press, flyers, websites, and/or discussions with 'staff' and/or organisers of the events. No responsibility accepted for any omissions or changes to information by organisers or venues. Keep an eye on the associated site-links for any up-to-the-minute details/changes.